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Why You Should Consider the WIQo Chemical Peel 

What is a Chemical Peel?

We are glad you asked!

A chemical peel is a medical spa procedure used to improve and smooth the

texture of the skin. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin, resulting in improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, as well as scarring.

The face is the most commonly treated area of the body, but one should not forget the neck, decollete, hands, and abdomen.

Which Chemical Peel Should I Get?

At Silhouette Medical Spa we offer a patented formula from WIQo that gives immediate results without any downtime, photosensitivety, or hypopigmentation.

WIQo PEEL is a safe cosmetic treatment that promotes improvement of skin texture, reduces the effects of aging, and improves uneven skin tone. The treatment involves cleansing, or preparing, the skin thoroughly with WIQo P Solution and applying the active topical serum to the skin.

The serum is given time to penetrate the subdermal layer of the skin leaving the top layer of the skin unscathed. The serum can be applied to face, chest, neck, stomach and hands.

What can You Expect After a WIQo PEEL?

Product application is comfortable, most clients will only experience mild tingling during the quick 15 minute procedure. Normal daily activities are not interrupted after the session, you can continue exercising and wear makeup if desired. It is also safer than a traditional peel since there is no frosting or photosensitization, thus it greatly reduces the possibility of adverse reactions, when administered with the proper technique.

The slight redness and a tingling sensation that some clients may experience during the WIQo PEEL typically resolves by the end of the treatment.

Clients report a glow to the skin, smaller pore size and a more even skin tone. You can expect results to last up to one year.

At Silhouette Medical Spa we will often combine different treatment modalities with the WIQo Peel to achieve optimum results. These modalities may include skin care products, cosmetic threads, neuromodulators and fillers.

Some of the skin care products we may suggest include Obagi NuDerm system. These products contain hydroquinone which treats hyperpigmentation (brown spots).

When combining WIQo Chemical Peel with neuromodulators, such as Botox, you will notice an even greater decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

Cosmetic threads can also increase the production of collagen, as does the WIQo Peel.

When a client comes in for a consultation, we assess skin texture, clarity, and any risk factors and advise the client on what treatment would be most beneficial.

We usually recommend four to six treatments, spaced 7-12 days apart. Most peel packages will include either a complimentary WIQo moisturizer or

WIQo serum containing 10% glycolic acid. WIQo moisturizer restores the hydrolipidic film because of its large quantity of high quality shea butter and active ingredients such as A and E Vitamins.

What makes the WIQo PEEL so special?

This chemical peel serum consists of low dose hydrogen peroxide and 33% TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid). Hydrogen peroxide protects the top layer of skin, preventing peeling and frosting, while enabling the TCA to reach the deeper dermal layers for skin rejuvenation. Once the TCA reaches the deep dermis it is able to activate growth factor receptors, triggering a natural healing response. The old and damaged skin cells are repaired or replaced with new, healthy cells resulting in improvement to your skins elasticity, texture, and tone.

These two compounds (TCA and Hydrogen Peroxide) moderate each other, therefore, protecting the top layer of the skin. Clients generally do not see any peeling

or sloughing of the skin.

WiQo is made in Italy, with over two million applications performed all over the world.

There are only a few contraindications which include active acne,

pregnancy and lactation.

Retin-A should be stopped 14 days prior to this chemical peel.

Next Steps

If you’re looking to get an amazing, bio-revitalizing, chemical peel

in Albuquerque, look no further! At Silhouette Medical Spa we are ready

to give your skin the boost it needs.

Chemical peel costs can vary, and we offer competitive prices with the highest quality products. Book an appointment online today!



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