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Botox®, Dysport®, Jeuveau® What's the Difference Between the Top Neuromodulators

By Alana Friedman

Have you lost your youthful look? Or maybe you’re just trying to maintain it. Either way, neuromodulators could be a great option to help smooth your fine lines and wrinkles! Read our guide to neuromodulators to give you everything

you need to know if you’re curious or are seriously considering treatment.

What are neuromodulators?

Neuromodulators temporarily block the nerve endings’ release of acetylcholine which signals the muscles to relax. The result of our muscles relaxing is a smoother appearance to our skin as well as decreasing future wrinkles. When looking to smooth facial lines, Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau are the most common neuromodulators you will encounter. These 3 neuromodulators use the same active ingredient – botulinum toxin to block the nerves which create facial wrinkles; however, each product has a slightly different formulation. A brief explanation of the types of neuromodulators are included below, but a professional injector (Nurse or Doctor) will help choose which product is right for you.

What is Botox®?

Botox is the oldest, most well-known in the neuromodulator family. The Botox Cosmetic website describes its product as “the first and only treatment that is FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines look better in adults.” This treatment allows you to still look like you, just with fewer lines and wrinkles! You may start to notice the results of Botox as early as 24 to 48 hours after treatment, but you will patiently need to wait 2 weeks for the full results. In general the effects will last up to 4 months.

What is Jeuveau® (Newtox)?

Like Botox, Jeuveau is a neuromodulator used to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While Jeuveau and some other muscle relaxants are only marketed for use between the eyebrows, injectors use them to treat other areas like vertical smile lines (also known as a “lip flip”), crow’s feet, the appearance of frown lines, and more. An important note is that unlike Botox, Jeuveau is only approved for cosmetic treatment not medical treatments such as migraines, muscle spasticity, or excessive sweating for example.

Many patients are drawn to Jeuveau because it works slightly quicker than Botox, results are generally seen in 7 days and will last 3-4 months. The price point is slightly lower than Botox and Evolus offers an additional $40 off every 90 days as well.

What is Dysport®?

Much like Botox and Jeuveau, Dysport is a non-invasive neuromodulator treatment that can prevent and correct wrinkles and fine lines. Dysport similarly employs a botulinum toxin which forces certain facial muscles to relax. The results of Dysport will generally last about 3-4 months. The main difference between Dysport and the other two products is that Dysport is quicker acting, it is usually fully active in 2-3 days. The potency of Dysport is different than the other 2 neuromodulators and is calculated at a 3:1 ratio, this difference makes Dysport slightly more expensive.

Do neuromodulators work?

Yes, they do! The decreased muscle movement will last anywhere from 3-4 months. In some clinical trials, Botox has shown to last up to six months. When injected into targeted muscles, the medication gradually begins to block muscular nerves signals. This eventually weakens muscle contractions and relaxes facial muscles to smooth the appearance of fine lines and prevent future wrinkles from occurring. Neuromodulators can provide overall facial rejuvenation by providing a smoother, tighter, and more youthful look!

What to expect during treatment:

Whether you opt to use Botox, Dysport or Jeuveau, your treatment will be quick, easy and virtually painless. Your injector will use a tiny needle to inject a precise amount of product into targeted facial muscles. All in all, the procedure generally takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, and you will be able to return to work and resume your daily activities immediately!

Best uses for neuromodulators:

While best known for smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, neuromodulators can be used to treat a variety of other conditions such as muscle spasms, stiffness, bladder control, migraines, and excessive sweating.

If you are receiving Botox injections to decrease sweating in your hands or underarms, this treatment will typically last for 6 months.

Who is a candidate for Cosmetic Botox?

Patients who want to improve the appearance of their skin by proactively delaying the onset of wrinkles and reducing the appearance of existing wrinkles. If you are unsure if a nueomodulator injection is right for you, please schedule a free consultation with one of our nurse injectors to get more information and evaluate treatment options for you.

Who is not a candidate?

While your injector will ultimately decide if treatment is appropriate for you, you may not be eligible if you:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Are allergic or hypersensitive to the drug or any of its additives

  • Have skin conditions which could result in infection

  • Have specific types of neuromuscular disorders

  • Take medications that could interact with the neuromodulator


The most important takeaway from this guide is to work with an experienced injector who you trust to achieve your intended results and enhance your overall look. With the help of an experienced injector, neuromodulators can leave you looking youthful and rejuvenated like never before!

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